Welcome To N.C.R polytechnic

"If you are planning for a year , sow rice, if you are planning for a decade plant trees , if you are planning for a lifetime , educate people".

True education lets one soar free, break new grounds...and yet retain focus on one's core personal values. N.C.R Polytechnic has dedicated itself to this philosophy. Going beyond the confines of the classroom, beyond established curricula. Replacing mere instructions with teaching, authoritarian attitudes with friendly counselling. To give students a whole new approach to learning. An approach, which is just the right mix of tradition and modern education techniques, with a strong value system and a career oriented blueprint.

N.C.R Polytechnic is a dynamic and quality conscious institution with focus on proffessional excellence through ethics and passion.

The Institution is the vision of a galaxy of academicians , proffessionals and social workers who are deeply concerned with the standards of education.
The institute is strongly rooted in the traditional Indian values coupled with the modern and sophisticated learning environment.